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Public Notice - Tower Installation Frauds

Watch Out For Tower Installation Frauds!

Have you been approached by a company/agency regarding the installation of a mobile tower in your premises?

Has any individual or organization promised you hefty monthly rentals for setting up these towers on your property?

Have you been asked to place a security deposit, advance payment, application fee, registration charge, stamp duty or government tax in lieu of renting or leasing your premises by any individual or company?

Has the company issued a “No objection certificate” for the installation of the tower in its name, or in the name of a Government organization or department?

Stop! Watch out. And look before you leap!

You could become the victim of a major fraud that has already led to many innocent individuals losing vast amounts of money.

It has come to the notice of the Department of Telecom (DoT) that there are several unscrupulous companies and agencies operating in the market today that are cheating unsuspecting people and luring them by pretending to take their land or roofs on rent for installing their towers.

DoT has stated clearly that:

• It is not directly or indirectly involved in leasing or renting any property for mobile tower installation
• It is not issuing any “No objection certificates” for this purpose.
• A mobile tower may be installed either by a Telecom Service Provider (TSP) or Infrastructure Provider (IP-1) on the basis of licensing registration conditions.

Therefore, be cautious, be careful and ask questions.

Before entertaining any offer for the installation of a tower or depositing money anywhere, establish the authenticity of the Telecom Service Provider (TSP) or Infrastructure Provider (IP-1).

All you have to do is browse through the updated list of TSPs and IP-1s available on the DoT web site,


Any person or entity found to be indulging in such wrongdoing, while using the DoT name/logo, recommendation or national emblem is liable to be prosecuted under applicable law. All such matters must be reported immediately to the local police authorities. Alternatively, one can also contact the local TERM cell whose contact details are available on DoT

MTS India wishes to inform users that the company acquires/takes sites on a lease for the purpose of erection of its telecom towers, either itself or through its authorized agents/ vendors. The company also executes all agreements/arrangements relating to the sites in the name of Sistema Shyam TeleServices Limited, at its own designated office. Therefore, if you come across any fraudulent incident please reach the company at and help it take appropriate action to bring the culprits to book.

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