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MTS has been a pioneer in the field of vehicle tracking system through NIKA, a satellite positioning product from SITRONICS. Each vehicle is installed with a GPS/CDMA service terminal which helps track the vehicle in real time. It also helps reduce cost and boost planning and increase operational efficiency.


  • VTS is available in two variants*
      (a) Standard Vehicle Tracking System
      (b) Advanced Vehicle Tracking System with Fuel Sensor
    (*Monthly rental plan is available with both the variants)


  • Optimizes fuel costs with better route planning, cuts down on overtime and increases operational efficiency
  • Improves flexibility
  • Efficient fleet management
  • Eliminates the need for expensive GIS and web-servers
  • User-friendly software
Product Key Features Benefits
Online web, WAP & mobile based Vehicle Location Tracking 24*7 anywhere in India* Information accessibility anytime, anywhere resulting in increased productivity
In-built Li-ion Battery Additional power backup up to 7 hrs during vehicle/engine idle mode
Geo-fence Alert Automatic alert on email/SMS as soon as the vehicle deviates from the designated route thus lending more control over operations
Ignition, AC & Temperature Indicator Better monitoring & control over operations especially in case of perishable goods
GPS blind area alarm Alerts as soon as the vehicle leaves the CDMA coverage area & re-enters
Travelled Path Report Log of route followed & distance travelled by the vehicle on the map for detailed analysis
SOS Panic Button** During emergency, SMS can be sent to 03 mobile numbers & a flash indication on the web page
Cabin Voice Reach** Provision to listen to conversations inside the vehicle cabin in case of emergencies
with Fuel
All features of Standard Vehicle Tracker + Fuel Sensors All benefits of Standard Vehicle Tracker + Re-Fuelling & usage report helping check & control the fuel spillage/misuse



  • Inventory status
  • Order placement - reducing delivery & payment cycle
  • Real time sales reports (region wise, circle wise)
  • Sales calls/ productivity reports- capturing prospect details
  • Web interface - view reports anytime, anywhere
  • Electronic signature & barcode scanning


  • Information anytime, anywhere
  • Increases productivity

*Vehicle tracking in India – only within CDMA network coverage; tracking through web anywhere in the world.
**Optional feature, depends on device installed.