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We look forward to serving you the way brand MTS serves nearly a hundred million people across the world. Our dream is to help you achieve yours. A step ahead.

Dear Customer, In order to assist you, Please follow the below escalation points to share your feedback & help us to improve our service. We request you to follow the below hierarchy of escalation levels to give you a speedy resolution.

Level 1 Escalation  Contact MTS Customer Care :-

  • For MBrowse please call MTS Customer Care at 9133-955-955
  • Please call MTS Customer Care on 155 (Toll Free) from your MTS mobile phone
  • Or dial 9133-155-155 , if calling from a landline or non-MTS mobile
  • You could also email us at
  • You can also contact us through our online help section
  • Or Fax us at  9133-166-166
  • Or write to our Customer Service Manager at the Circle Head Office:

    Sistema Shyam TeleServices Limited
    Laxmi Cyber City, 2nd Floor
    Block C , Survey No : 10, Kondapur
    Hyderabad – 500 084

If you are calling us for a new service request or a complaint, please note the Service Request Number as given by our representative. This is your unique reference number for registering your enquiry with MTS Customer Care. You will need this number for all other future communication.

The MTS Team will address your concerns as soon as possible, however we require at least 3 days for disruption/disconnection of service complaints and 7 days for any other complaint, since they might be of different nature and level of complexity. But be rest assured, whatever your problem, MTS will resolve it to your satisfaction.

In case you are not satisfied with our response within these timelines, we encourage you to contact our Appellate Authority with your Service Request / Complaint Number (the unique number you get when you register with MTS Customer Care) anytime from Monday to Friday, between 9:30 am and 6:00 pm.*

Appellate (Andhra Pradesh)

Name: Mr. James David
Fax No. 9133-366-366
E-Mail Address
Address Sistema Shyam TeleServices Limited
Laxmi Cyber City, 2nd Floor
Block C, Survey No :10 , Kondapur
Hyderabad – 500 084
Contact No. 355 (Short Code) from MTS Mobile and 9133-355-355 from any Non MTS No.

While appealing to the Appellate Authority, please remember: 

  1. In case you are not satisfied with the resolution provided to your complaint at the customer care, please share your complaint number along with the resolution provided in the appellate appeal for registering appellate complaint.
  2. Your complaint will not be registered as an appellate complaint till the time it is not accompanied by appellate appeal form.
  3. You need to provide your Complaint Service Request Number while contacting the Appellate Authority. This will help the Appellate Authority access your entire case history.
  4. The appeal will be decided within 3 months from the date of filing your complaint.
  5. To download the Appeal Form, click here.
Data Customer Care
  • Data Customer Care From MTS Mobile pease call at: 955,
  • Data Customer Care Number From Other Than MTS Number please call at 9133 955 955
  • Data Service Email Id

Level 4 Escalation Write to our Chief Customer Service Delivery Officer

Dear Customer,
In case you feel that resolution provided to you by MTS Customer Care and Appellate Officers is unsatisfactory, please write to our Chief Customer Service Delivery Officer, Mr. Vlad Pozdyshev at anytime from Monday to Friday. You are requested to mention the complaint number that has been shared by us earlier.

Notification Click to open the notification.

Each and every message is being personally tracked for resolution and used as a reason to tune MTS service practice for better. We expect you would provide us with details of your preceding communications and the resolution offered. Special appreciation would be paid to the most constructive and helpful recommendations. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Click here to download the Citizen Charter.

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