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Q1. What Value Added Services can I get with my MTS mobile?

You can do so much more with your MTS phone than just make calls and send SMS. There are a host of content and entertainment services available for you whenever you need them.

Caller Tunes – Dial 55777
Caller Tunes is a value added feature that lets the person calling you listen to melodious songs instead of boring tring-tring. So by activating Caller Tunes, you can greet your friends, colleagues and family with the songs they like.
For activation of Caller Tunes, just dial 55777. An automated IVR will help you select your favourite song. Please follow the IVR instructions for song selection, next or previous song, shuffling or deactivation. Premium charges apply.

MTS Voice Portal – Dial 55555
Voice Portal is a bouquet of entertainment services through which you can access multiple services. Just dial 55555 and you will enter the fun zone in which you will get the latest movie reviews, the latest movie songs, jokes, love tips, astrology and many more entertainment services. Premium charges apply.

Call Forwarding
If your phone is unreachable/out of service area or you do not wish to receive calls, then incoming calls can be diverted to other phone numbers. This service is a network feature and provided by default to all subscribers. You will be charged at the applicable rates according to your tariff plan for the diverted call.

This facility can be used to:
  - Forward/Divert all incoming voice calls unconditionally
  - Forward/Divert all incoming voice calls when you are unable to answer them
  - Forward/Divert all incoming voice calls whenever your phone is busy

Call Forwarding – All Calls:
  - For activation, dial 114 (followed by the number you wish to divert to)
  - For deactivation, dial 115

Call Forwarding – No Answer
  - For activation, dial 138 (followed by the number you wish to divert to)
  - For deactivation, dial 130

Call Forwarding – Busy:
  - For activation, dial 136 (followed by the number you wish to divert to)
  - For deactivation, dial 128

Call Waiting

When you are already busy on a call, the Call Waiting option will alert you of a new incoming call. You will hear an audible beep notifying the call waiting. You can place the current call on hold and switch to the new incoming call.
  - For activation, dial 118 (toll free)
  - For deactivation, dial 119 (toll free)

Call Hold
This service enables you to put a caller on hold while a second call is answered or made.

Call Conference
The Call Conference facility enables you to call and speak with more than one person simultaneously. This feature is handset dependent. Please check your handset’s user manual for more details.

How to initiate a Call Conference:
  - While on a call, put the other party on Hold
  - Go in Option/Menu/New Call and call the third party number
  - On successful connection of the call, go to Options and select Call Conference
  - Now all 3 parties can enjoy a conversation

The maximum number of parties that can be on a Call Conference at any given point of time is 3.

Q2. How can I use “MTS Info” on my mobile?

MTS gives you a variety of services on your handset. To access MTS Info:
  - Go to the phone Menu
  - Select the MTS option
  - Select MTS Info

Choose from our list of services including Astrology, Jokes, Cricket Alerts, Railway PNR Status, First Aid tips and lots more! The menu browsing is free (you would be charged only for the service request).

Q3. What do I do if I lose or block my SIM card by mistake?

Unblocking your SIM Card
If you enter your PIN incorrectly three times in succession, your SIM card will be temporarily blocked. To unblock your SIM, you will require the Personal Unblock Key (PUK). This is an 8-digit number you can obtain by calling MTS Customer Care at 155 (toll free). If you enter the PUK incorrectly 10 times, your SIM card will be permanently blocked and you will have to replace it with a new one.

Replacement of SIM Cards
If you have permanently blocked your SIM or your SIM has been lost or stolen; you will need a new SIM card. Call Customer Care to get your account suspended and avoid unauthorized usage. In case of lost or stolen SIM, you will also need to report the same to the Police and obtain an FIR. Then apply for a replacement SIM at an MTS authorised outlet. To know more about your nearest authorised outlet, please call Customer Care at 155. A nominal fee would be charged for this replacement. Rest assured that your account balance and validity will be restored on to your new SIM card.

Click here to download the SIM Replacement form.

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