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Get there faster. Be there longer.
Now blazing fast internet comes with free browsing. Surf your favourite website at leisure. And find the
clock stand still for you. Go ahead, take your own time. With MBlaze, there is nothing that stops you

Choose your MBlaze
MBlaze combines the convenience of USB Modems with great utility value. MBlaze Premium USB
Modems also functions as your data storage device. Choose your MBlaze, and just plug it in to start

MBlaze Ultra
Plug & Play enabled
Micro SD card slot for data storage

Pay as you Wish
Choose your MBlaze as per your need.
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Mblaze Prepaid

MRP (Rs.) 1
Bundled Data Usage 20 GB for 30 days
Valdity (in days) 180
Additional Usage 3 paisa per 100Kb

Enjoy high speed surfing by choosing a data plan that suits your usage needs.

Mblaze FRC
MRP (Rs.) Bundled Data Usage Validity (in days) Additional Usage
1 20 GB for 30 days 180 Additional usage @ 3 paisa per 100Kb
Short Validity Recharges
MRP (Rs.) Benefit Validity (in days) Fair Usage Policy
96 750 MB Unlimited 1 Fair Usage Policy will be applicable. Speed will be throttled down post threshold usage is exceeded.
Monthly Limited STV's
MRP (Rs.) Benefit Validity (in days) Additional Usage
299 1.5 GB 28 Balance carry forward feature applicable when you recharge before validity expiry
399 3 GB 28
499 5 GB 28
699 7 GB 28
STV 299, 399,499 & 699 have balance carry forward feature subject to recharge within validity period.
Monthly Unlimited STV's
MRP (Rs.) Benefit Validity (in days) Fair Usage Policy
999 20 GB Unlimited (10GB Day + 10 GB Night ~) 28Fair Usage Policy will be applicable. Speed will be throttled down post threshold usage is exceeded.
~ Night timings from 12:00 midnight to 08:00 AM
Long Validity STV
MRP (Rs.) Benefit Validity (in days) Additional Usage
1599 18 GB 90 3 paisa per 100Kb

Prepaid Roaming Tariff:

Segments STV MRP (`) Bundled Usage Valdity (in days) Additional Usage
Roaming STV 655 2 GB 28 3 paisa per 100Kb
255 0.5 GB 28 3 paisa per 100Kb
101 200 GB 28 3 paisa per 100Kb
Roaming service will be available with above mentioned roaming STVs only. Alternately you can do a top up with rupee value balance wherein roaming usage will be charged at 3 paisa per 100Kb.
Existing STV bundled usage will not be utilized while on roaming at locations outside MTS circles. In case you have available balance (limited or unlimited) from existing home STV and you go out for roaming in non MTS locations by recharging with roaming STV then:
  • Usage done while roaming will be deducted from roaming STV bundled usage or if you have rupee value balance then it will be deducted at 3 paisa per 100Kb.
  • In case of unlimited balance in home STVs where speeds are downgraded, while roaming you will enjoy high speed all the time upto limited bundled usage.
If you have taken roaming STV which has balance & validity available and if you come back to MTS home circles, then no usage will be deducted from your roaming STV.
However, if you continue to stay in MTS home circle and during this period if your roaming STV validity expires, then all the roaming balance will be forfeited.
For further details, please contact our Customer Service.

Limited Recharges: Additional usage at 3 paisa per 100Kb
Unlimited Recharges: Fair Usage Ploicy will be applicable.
Speed will be throttled down post threshold usage is exceeded.

National Roaming
Now enjoy High Speed Data services in roaming locations like Mumbai, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Haryana, Punjab, etc. This means customers can now enjoy data service outside the MTS home circles of will be treated as roaming.
MTS home circles: Delhi, Rajasthan, Kolkata, Rest of West Bengal, Gujarat, UP(W), Karnataka, Tamilnadu & Kerala. Services outside these circles will be treated as roaming circles.

All usage while roaming will be charged at 3 paisa per 100Kb.

Plug & Play

Just plug your MBlaze USB modem and hit the Welcome Page.
On the Welcome Page you can view:

  • Your account balance
  • Shortcuts to your favourite websites
  • You can also recharge your account or opt for the MBlaze of your choice

Choose your Top-Up

Only top ups > Rs 50 will be valid.

Stay connected always

You can recharge anytime, anywhere.

  • You can recharge in a flash from here
  • Get your e-recharge done from your nearest retail outlet at your convenience
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